【Applied Thermal Engineering】Battery thermal management challenge special issue
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特刊名称:Call for paper for the battery thermal management challenge special issue


Giorgio Besagni Researcher, Ricerca Sul Sistema Energetico, Italy


Yulong Ding Professor, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Robert Spotnitz President, Battery Design LLC, France

Rui Xiong Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Billy Wu, Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London, United Kingdom.


The design and optimization of the thermal management systems is of fundamental importance particularly for batteries of growing energy density and fast-charge capability under different environmental conditions. Perspective papers need to address the battery thermal management challenge within a multi-scale approach (i.e., relating the local-, the battery cell-, the battery module- and the battery pack-scales towards the “system-scale” performances) and encompassing the different cutting-edge topics (i.e., energy densities, safety, battery/system performances, thermal stability, life time, cost of thermal/electrical systems, …). In addition, perspective papers are encouraged to consider both the “component-scale” (viz., the battery component, thermal interface to improve cooling efficiency, the relationship with capacity losses and degradation mechanisms, …) and the “system-scale” (viz., the connection of the battery itself with other components, towards the overall system performances). Interested authors can contact any of the Editor to inquire about the suitability of their manuscript for this special issue.

  • 有兴趣的作者可以与任何编辑联系,以查询其手稿是否适合该特殊问题。


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